Top 6 Reasons to Hire Full Stack Developers for your Business

A business website or a business app is something everyone is inspired by, as most people know the importance of website development and mobile app development in business. Knowing the importance of a solid web presence, businesses either hire an in-house development team or hire a right web development agency that can take care of their website or mobile app. Hiring an in-house team is quite costly and managing them also needs some technical expertise. That’s why most businesses prefer to hire an agency.

There is an expected growth of 8.3% in enterprise software development. By 2020, over 22% growth is expected in cloud software products powered by the SaaS model of business. With these interesting stats, you should know the top trends in full-stack development for the coming years.

Hiring and managing an in-house development team is too much of a burden on the business. But, if you hire a full-stack developer that can do everything for your website, it fits into your option and budget as well. An in-house development team is for the companies that need dedicated developers, designers who work full time. If you are a rising business person, you don’t need a dedicated developer or a designer. You just need a Full Stack Developer who can work on the front-end as well as on the back-end.

It’s predicted to reach 28.7 million software engineers by 2024. 

Before discussing it further, let’s know what is Full Stack Development and what do full stack developers do?

What is Full Stack Development?

Full-stack Development is the practice of managing the front-end and the back-end of a website single-handedly. In short, full-stack development includes developing the UI, writing the business logic for the website, and writing the database too. It also includes making changes in the UI, making changes in the back-end, editing the database, and improving the website experience overall.

What do the Full Stack Developers do?

Full-stack developers mostly manage websites with different front-end development tools, backend development tools, and various databases. In some cases, a full-stack developer is the only person to tackle the whole project. He/she does the meeting with the client, makes the wireframe, designs the website, develops the website, and launches it too. In short, a full-stack developer is on-man-army for the project!

After knowing the roles and responsibilities of a full-stack developer, and choose wisely to hire full stack developer or specialized developer. let’s have a look at why you should hire full-stack developers for your business?

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Why Hire Full Stack Developers?

There are numerous reasons why one should hire a full-stack developer or a team of full-stack developers for their business. Let’s see those reasons one-by-one!

Problem-solving Skills

A full-stack developer has a problem-solving mind. Most of the time, they can find an effective solution for any problem, whether it is a business problem or the problem in your website. A full-stack developer is most likely to find a feasible solution to the problem. So, you will get a full-stack developer with high problem-solving skills to help you manage your website with a better grip.

Various Technology Expertise

A full-stack developer works on various technologies, whether it is front-end development, back-end development, databases, or hosting. They can work on HTML/CSS, AngularJS, ReactJS, PHP, Java, Laravel, MongoDB, MySQL, and in some cases, Python as well. You just need one person, and that can make your UI beautiful, solve complex errors on the backend and even host the whole website for you and take care of it afterward. So, you get support for various technologies when you hire full-stack developers.

Troubleshooting Issues

When it comes to troubleshooting various issues, full-stack developers are quite smart, and most of the time, they can catch the issue and resolve it efficiently. If your website is facing any kind of trouble, a full-stack developer will come to the rescue, troubleshoot it, and fix it. So, a full stack developer can be your savior too. All of your website problems have one solution, and that is a full-stack developer! Doesn’t that sound amazing?


Hiring a full-stack developer is quite a pocket-friendly choice because you don’t have to pay separately to your designers, developers, DBAs, and others. A full-stack developer will take care of all these things, and you just have to pay just one full-stack developer’s bill. Even that bill can get lowered when you hire an offshore full stack developer or outsource your web development work. 

Project Ownership

A full-stack developer can take the project ownership, and they will work considering it as their project. They will be responsible for any changes in the website, they will be responsible for any correction in the website, and they will be the reason for your project’s success. So, project ownership is one of the most important advantages you will get when you hire full-stack developers. Project ownership is one great trait any developer can have!

Despite having a lot of advantages, hiring full-stack developers have some disadvantages as well. Many full-stack developers are sometimes “Jack of all, master of none!”. Full-stack developers are not a feasible solution when you want an expert on a particular technology. In such cases, a full-stack developer is not a solution. But, all these are negligible issues and are seen very rarely. So, unless you require a special.

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Final Words

You get a lot of advantages when you choose to hire Full-stack developers. For rising businesses who want to create their web presence by developing a website, hiring full-stack developers is a feasible solution, as they will not have to pay a huge designer + developers bill. Everything will be covered in your Full-stack development charges.

there were 18.9 million software developers in the world in 2019 and this number is going to reach 45 million in 2030.
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Mahipalsinh Rana has more than fifteen years of experience in Enterprise software design and Spring Boot for business application development. Currently, he is CTO at Inexture Solutions LLP. He has been a Liferay Consultant for more than 10 years in the industry and holds a technical background for 15+ years. He is a co-author of Liferay Beginner’s Guide book. He likes to spend his free time reading corporate books and playing cricket.