Online slots – the advanced entertainment industry?

The realm of online slots and the gambling industry as a whole has grown substantially over the past ten years and it is speculated by the end of 2020 the online slot industry alone is on course to be worth a whopping $80 billion based on figures that the online remote industry has increased considerably by over 300% in the last five years.  

If you’re a huge slot fan and like the majority of other slot players enjoy playing slots online such as Jungle Jackpots either via your mobile or tablet, these figures may not come as much of a surprise to you, especially as the industry sees significant growth year on year as technology continues to develop and dominate our lives.  

However, it isn’t only online casinos which have experienced fast industry growth, and contrary to the perception that online casino growth means that business is being taken away from land-based casinos, before the COVID-19 global pandemic, land-based casinos were more popular than ever and experience significant growth. The only part of the land-based gambling market which has experienced a decline pre-COVID-19 is bingo halls as the game fell out of fashion, opening up a gap in the market for online bingo to take the reins. 

What has led to the growth of the online slot industry? 

One of the key driving factors for the success of both the online slot industry and the casino industry overall is a technology and the huge advancements of the last three decades. A whole new world of entertainment was opened up for players and even to those who would never have even considered stepping foot in a land-based casino let alone play slot machines on a regular basis. The more advanced technology, the more possibilities were made possible and now in 2020 players can carry a mini-casino around in their pocket or handbag wherever they go thanks to online slot apps. Plus, with advancing mobile technology and better internet and 4G connections, players can play their favorite slot games in more places than ever before without interruption, making online slots more accessible than ever before.   

Female players driving growth in the online slot industry 

Another factor that has influenced the success of the online gambling industry is that players are more diverse and more female players are now accessing slots than ever before. This is large because slots can now be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home or while out and about meaning women don’t need to travel to a male-dominated land-based casino where they could feel intimidated or out of place to be able to gamble. The change in demographics has influenced the content of online casinos too, as more slots are now designed to be more female-friendly and appeal more to women.  

It’s plain to see that the online slot industry, especially the online slot industry is not going to be in any kind of decline in the future, and if anything it should continue to grow as technology continues to advance – brilliant news for those working in the industry and for players who enjoy innovative new slots!