Android slots Apps vs IOS slots Mobile Apps

IOS and Android are two most popular mobile operating systems. They’ve been competing on the mobile market for many years now and customers often argue which one is better – see a casino with recent slot titles.

The debates concern many different aspects, and recently they have been addressing slots mobile apps. Both systems give players the chance to download and play slots apps. There are, however, some differences in how players can access and play them. Below you can find out what these differences are, and whether they are equally good in both systems.

Downloading slots apps

IOS and Android have different policies when it comes to mobile gambling.

Android is known for being more restrictive than IOS. Most countries don’t allow real money slot apps in their Google stores. There are, however, some exceptions if you’re using Android in the UK. Moreover, some online casinos design their own apps that can be legally downloaded.

• The App store available on devices using IOS allows players to access real money slot apps. Players can also open all kinds of casino sites in browser and place bets.

Choosing a type of slots app

There are multiple types of slots apps that you can use on Android and IOS. That includes:

1. Freemium games – when you use these apps you will be awarded chips and you can win prizes expressed in the game’s currency. They do not let you win real money prizes. When you run out of casino chips but want to play longer you can purchase additional ones with actual money.

2. Real money slots – whether you will be able to download slot apps that can bring you cash prizes depends on the region you’re located in. If you can use them, the rules of the games and their RTP will be the same as when you play slots at regular online casinos.

3. Games in browser – these are slots that you can open in browser on your phone. Whether you can only play free slots or also real money ones will yet again depend on which country you are playing in.

Is Android or IOS better for slots apps?

Android is the most commonly used operating system. There are more devices with Android than with IOS in the world. That’s why some Android slots apps might be more polished and offer more advanced functions than IOS. Nevertheless, Android might not be the best option for those who want to get cash slot payouts as access to real money slots is restricted. IOS allows players to enjoy real gambling no matter where in the world they are located. In general, IOS is easier to understand and use than Android, hence some people might find Android slots apps too complicated. Nevertheless, there is no one winner of this comparison. The choice depends on what each player prefers and both Android and IOS slots apps offer great quality entertainment.

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