5 Simple Tricks To Make Your Website More Attractive

With the changes in Google Algorithm, the search engine optimization is becoming more complicated to understand. Most of the businesses are with the online presence for achieving more progressive success. For more appealing design you have to construct your site in a simple way. In this post will explain some simple tricks to make your website more attractive for organic traffic. Your content is the backbone of your online presence.

The content would make the way to kick you to the top. So whatever sort of content you have even affiliate marketing content, when you write well you will rank on top of the SERP. But not only the content could bring more traffic to your site. You need to look at the construction of your web design. Website with a simple layout is looking more attractive than a congested and mismanaged layout. Let see the simple tricks to make your website more attractive.

Simple Tricks To Make Your Website More Attractive

Let us discuss the tricks in detail to know the mistakes we normally do when we are developing our websites.

Selection Of Theme

The most important part in the web designing is this one. Why?
Because here is the base where you are going to give a structure to your website main page with archives and the categories you planned to a module on the menu. Sounds cool?

Let’s go further!

For choosing a theme it is essential that you should clear about what you are going to start with. I normally quote when it comes to this part, that said, your niche is the way your site would be recognized and ranked on Google directories and SERP. Focus on your business and your business is called niche in the internet world.

Do not simply select any random theme for your site as the theme would make your site more attractive for search engines and organic traffic. Do a stressful research by looking the relevant sites to your business online and see what and how they are doing. Choose reliable the most relevant theme for your website. In fact, if you could afford the premium one would be better for a pro experience.

Design A Simple Website

After a huge research on the internet regarding the type of design of online sites, I can confidently say that the simple way to design your website would be better. Why? I made an analysis of around 150 sites with handsome domain authority. I tried to compare the ranked keywords including organic traffic. You should be aware of the fact that the domain authority of all these sites is not more than 40. It is surprising that the best performers are most simply built. So here is the simple trick to make your website more attractive for traffic.

Design Simple Navigation

Simple navigation is a quick way to guide your visitor to reach the exact thing you are trying to promote. Sounds simple?

Yes, your reader is basically in search of some important answers. The simple navigation layout structure would lead your visitor to the exact place. Make your navigation bar as simple as you are able to get it. In fact, humans would visit your site and being a human you have a healthy mind. Think a bit deeper what your mind would search if you landing on such site. Use quick links to the most relevant content on your website.

Selection Of Fonts

Your priority of choice is not considered here. The visitors are important and their likeness matters a lot. Choose simple fonts combination to make your content attractive. Search for tools online to get you to the most attractive and simple fonts after getting an idea.

Pay Attention To The Loading Time

It is a pro tip and the most important factor in ranking and set up an SEO game. You should optimize your content in a way where the load speed is a good one. Minify your CSS and JavaScript coding to get a cruising loading speed.